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Well, it's about time!

It's been a fair few months (at least 18, in fact!) since I last updated with arty goings-on, so if anyone is still interested, here's a summary since the last post! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, that's where I share most of my art-related news.

A few places I've been: Central-West-ish France (no Van Gogh pilgrimage this time); Powderham Castle (for an arty friends day out painting); Marwell Zoo (sadly saw a spooked giraffe meet her untimely end :'o( ); London (various trips); Hauser & Wirth Gallery in Somerset (with more arty friends to see the Henry Moore exhibition); Tenerife (a bit busier than I recall from last time we visited 8 years ago); Nashville, Memphis & New Orleans (been planning this one for years!); Dorset Sculpture Park; Paignton Zoo (with another arty friend for sketching and photo reference opportunities. Fortunately all animals were present and healthy); Bovey Craft Festival; and Cardiff (more Nashville-related shenanigans!).

Things I've lost: my 19-year-old kitty :'o(

Things I've found: my mojo six months later :o)

Long-lost Friendships rekindled: 1

Art demonstrations delivered: 2!

New cameras purchased: 1

Artists' Trading Cards Swapped: 6

January sketchbook challenges completed: 1

Displayed work in art exhibitions: 5 (Exmouth Art Group x 2; Poltimore House x 2; London for the Cheetah exhibition of finalists)

Exmouth Art Exhibition photos by Yeti Photography

New work and commission pieces completed and sold: lots!

Hope regained: tick :o)

Have a good 2024, folks; I'm planning on it being a good one!

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